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New Danish training center saves your back

Feb. 2018
Posted by : Flemming Helsted
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Global Lift Group opens Northern Europe's first training center with lifting and mounting equipment for plaster boards and windows.

"It could be great fun if glaziers and anyone else using glass lifts took their favourite machine and tested it against our new gear," Sales Director Kurt Nielsen of Global Lift Group (GLG) says with a big smile on his lips.

The test could suitably take place in the Global Lift Group's new training center in Denmark. Here, the Global Lift Group has built Northern Europe's first center for glaziers, apprentices and anyone else who wants to learn how to mount windows and plaster boards without heavy lifting for the crew.

"We have gathered all the knowledge we have about mounting and designed a new range of glass lifts from scratch. At our factory in Denmark simply the best lifts we've been able to imagine are now rolling out of production. And the more who wants to try, the happier we will be, “ says Kurt Nielsen.

The training center is equipped with Global Lift Group's Danish-produced glass lifts and Mountit gypsum handling system, which GLG has taken over as well as the glass lift producer HH Intellitech.

When a class of carpenters at the end of January, as the very first, received training at the new training center, their teacher Ole Bruun from the SDE vocational school in Odense was pleased with the possibilities.

"If the retirement age keeps raising, we wont be able to work that long because of the physical strain our work leaves on our bodies. Today you should be able to work until retirement, but that means that we need to use the new machines and technology” he says.

Ole Bruun thinks its very important for the students to be confident in using the new technology even if it might be a bit tricky to get the hang of in the beginning.

“Using the new technology might take longer the first couple times you use it, but in the long run it will not only save us time, but when we put the last window or gypsum plate into place Friday afternoon we wont feel completely used and tired.” says the working environment teacher for the carpenters at SDE in Odense, Ole Bruun.

Now it's here - THE UPCLIMBER

Marts, 2018
Posted by : Flemming Helsted
Category: Industry, Machine

New portable mini-lift for the small tasks

Beside our in-house produced glass lifts, Global Lift Group now distributes the UPCLIMBER-system for light windows to be used at places where the glass lifts doesn’t fit in.

With Upclimber, one man can mount windows up to 130 kg - without heavy lifting. The Upclimber is a compact lifting device, the size of an upper body with handles in the side. It is equipped with a battery-powered engine hinged in a wire and can be mounted with two suction cups. With the wire, the Upclimber can be hung in either a mobile track, which quickly can be mounted on a scaffolding or hung at the top of a one-legged hanger which can lean against the wall where the window is to be mounted.

The idea behind the Upclimber is that you should be able to work alone with the installation of windows up to 130 kilos.

If you mount the scaffolding track over the pallet with windows, the Upclimber can lift the window from the pallet onto a trolley that is used to drive the window where it should be mounted. The upclimber weighs 15 kilos and is fitted with a carrying handle so that it can be carried up and down scaffolding stairs like a small suitcase.

During assembly, the Upclimber holds the window in two suction cups at the top of the window. The weight distribution is designed so that the lower part of the window leans toward the frame first so that the window is easy to place in the frame when the suction is disconnected.

The scaffolding tracks and the one-legged hanger, called a Jib, and other options like a little fork lift for steel tiles are purchased separately next to the Upclimber..